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The mission of Massive Creativity is to facilitate spaces and experiences to cultivate the artistry and genius of individuals, organizations, and communities.

These spaces and experiences are grounded in joy, authenticity, and continuous learning.

Currenty, Massive Creativity achieves this mission through three avenues:

Through lifecoaching relationships, Massive Creativity assists individual clients with creating and living a "massive" life -- a life of personal excellence and ecstasy. Clients live a life of such fulfillment and satisfaction, and in turn contribute their own excellence and giftedness to improve the communities around them.

Through teaching of longform improvisation, creation of longform improvisation ensembles, and producing longform improvisation performances, Massive Creativity seeks to create unique, theatrical experiences that are powerful, funny, serious, raw, real, thought-provoking, and relentlessly compelling.

Massive Creativity facilitates spaces and experiences where organizations can cultivate their genius and artistry, in order for them to maximize employee performance, improve service/product quality, achieve their own objectives with excellence and efficiency.

MacArthur's personal mission is to cultivate his own artistry and share his genius to transform the known world into a joyful, just and enlightened society.

He lives by the mantra of "having fun doing serious things" and "making the strange familiar, and the familiar strange." He recently relocated to houston with his wife in 2003, and they've been married for over two years.

The real voyage of discovery consists not inseeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.  

      - Marcel Proust

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